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Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page became interested in Reid's work, and when The Yardbirds disbanded, Page wanted Reid to fill the vocalist spot for his proposed new group, the New Yardbirds, which was to become Led Zeppelin.

Brigg - Brigg (1973)

CD reissue of this rare US melodic rural hippy rock album from 1973. Good harmonies and songs with some fine folk tinged psychedelic electric and acoustic rock music, make for a sought after obscurity..

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Intelligent music for crazy people (9)

Intelligent music for crazy people (9)


Hello.I am wandering soul music revival in the 60 and 70-s.Ateist in musical terms.always keen to acustik,psychedelic sounds nice,deep blues.If you in in that spirit that encroach upon it here.Peace and Love......