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Interview with great Janita Haan,one of the best female singers of all times

P.M.: Since it appeared your interest in music first? Who was your favorite performer when you were a kid?

J.H.: Hmmm let me think for a sec . It was Liberace I used to,think he was winking at me I used to hide behind the armchair and peek out when he was playing the piano lol. I was a very little girl around four- five

P.M.: You had experience in choir singing?

J.H.: Yes first at school one of first songs was 'come follow' I remember watching a girl in school singing blow the wind southerly , her name was Josephine Breeze and I was completely captivated by the ding and her voice.

P.M.: How did the Babe Ruth? How often had the band rehearsals and how they were held at that time?

J.H.: Hunh sorry be more specific?

P.M.: I mean like how often did you had rehearsals in a week ?

J.H.: We rehearsed a lot in Hatfield then went straight into Abbey Road Studios to record First Base

P.M.: Is every album you've recorded out the way you expected, or is there one among you sick perfectionism in making music?

J.H.: We are all perfectionists and strive to create mood and feel in our performance.

P.M.: What do you personally think about Amar Caballero album (It's my favourite ) ?

J.H.: Love it but it came at a very difficult time as we had just started recording it when we suffered a really bad car Crash which through everyone akilter.We were very disappointed in the album cover as they the horses were supposed to be galloping wild and free lmao.

P.M.: Surely you've noticed that today's young bands are more based on the cultivation of well-known songs, very few musicians who are trying to do something of their own copyright, and thereby to be original. What is your comment on all of this and whether there might hint that might give us young people for the new musical progress?

J.H.: Very good current thought. My take is that there is a huge massive library of tunes to tap into and whether a musician wishes to tap into that or create his own is subjective. Bearing in mind all major artists ie rihanna etc have a team of writers it's all good :))

P.M.: I read that you had a gig with Rory Gallagher in Macroom fest with Jenny Haan's Lion also your bass player was there David Hewitt in Ireland back in 1978. What is your impression of the show, how did you get along with Rory and what do you think of his creative part?

J.H.: Rory was an incredible person. I'm afraid I was upset that whole day as it was the very last gig for Jenny haans lion as I was being bulldozed by the industry to go solo. John Lydon and Bob Geldof were also there watching us. there was talk of Rory and I working together on a tune which would have been AWSUM but sadly never came off.

P.M.: Do you prefer listening Taste or Rory Gallaghers solo period ?

J.H.: I never really listened to them.... Just enjoyed his playing at random

P.M.: Album 'First Base' how much time it takes to issue such an album and where you found inspiration for writing arrangements and songs?

J.H.: Aka was the main writer for first base his influences were the spaghetti westerns he loved....time it took was some months emi took over the pressing etc for the album and if course Roger Dean created the art work.

P.M.: What do you think of Deep Purple , let yourself ever instance album 'In Rock'? How do you see the growth of rock and roll in the underground scene and 70's, in your opinion what is the difference between nowdays?

J.H.: I don't really listen to rock I tend to like urban garage rap new music .... I used to listen to rock in the 70s with quicksilver messenger service blue cheer doobie bros eagles flletwooood mac moody blues Santana Janis Joplin Jefferson airplane rod Stewart stones ..the current ones not familiar with apart from paramour

P.M.: What is interesting in relation to this band is that 'The Mexican' influenced the creation of hip hop culture? What do you say about it ? Do you think it's good or bad thing ?

J.H.: It is a complete honouring for us that the hip hop culture chose that particular tune as their warcry... I feel it exemplifies the underdog re Chico and I feel it certainly touches many who can identify with that

P.M.: You said that you got back from rehearshal , that was Babe Ruth's rehearshal or something else ?

J.H.: So etching else ... I sing with a local fresh R & B band called the Wirebirds....blues pick some AWSUM tunes so much fun ..the boys play dirrrty and have a great groove.I also work with an electronic mystic trio (incl) me with releasing material I recorded with them at Rockfield in Wales . DaveM PaulC feat. Jenny Haan. We have two out on iTunes first one more n more .... Second just come out Big blue sky ......there us a clip on YouTube for both tracks.

P.M.: So , what are your hobbies ?

J.H.: Love gardening altho don't do as much....natural perfumery is a great passion and have studied and created commission perfumes ....exhibited textile perfumateria ....and machine embroidery.
So, your advice for our young musicians ?

J.H.: Keep it real.... be true to yourself!

P.M.: Jenny it was my immense pleasure to do this interview with you, I wish you happiness and health to serve you for many more years. Than you once again .

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