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PETE WINGFIELD on Piano and Vocals PAUL BUTLER on Guitar JOHN BEST on Bass CHRIS WATERS on Drums JELLYBREAD did 3 albums and 6 singles for the cult UK blues label - which throws up an unintentional glitch in this CD's claim to be "The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions". 1 LP " First Slice " 1970 (BLUE HORIZON) 2 LP " Sixty Five Parkway " 1971 (B.H) 3 LP " Back To Begin Again " 1972 (B.H) JELLYBREAD First Slice (Scarce original 1969 US 11-track stereo vinyl LP on the Blue Horizon label. This album was produced by Mike Vernon and is more bluesy than their later efforts, and as such is more sought after than their two later LPs. Housed in a pasted picture sleeve with notes by vocalist/keyboard player Pete Wingfield printed on the reverse. This copy has a deletion drill hole in the top left corner but remains factory sealed from new - vinyl still MINT and unplayed nearly 40 years on! BH4801). A superb progressive blues rock outfit. Heavy guitars with a steady rhythm section and great piano. For fans of Savoy Brown and Fleetwood Mac. Recorded 1969, includes 3 bonus tracks recorded in London studio -"Driving Wheel", "Sugar Mama", "Never Say No". Tracks 1. River's Invitation 2. I Pity The Fool 3. Never Say No 4. Chairman Mao's Boogaloo 5. Evening 6. I've Got To Forget You 7. Boogie Sandwich 8. Rusty Blade 9. No Brag Just Facts - Parts 1&2 10. No One Else 11. Don't Pay Them No Mind

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